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Italia: Direzione didattica 6° circolo “R. Lambruschini” Perugia.
Turchia: Sehit Mahmut ozdemir primary school Ankara.
Germania: Christian Morgenstern Volkshule-Herrsching.
Polonia: Primary School n°2 Pruszkow.

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Progetto multilaterale 2012-14 Italia, Germania, Polonia, Turchia.

Logo Comenius Progetto multilaterale 2012-14

Logo Comenius Progetto multilaterale 2012-14

The Project is designed for the students to find out their national values and the cultural heritage and to discuss various psychological, social, cultural issues, possibilities of educating and training of these heritages.
Through the proposed activities the participants will be able to know themselves better, develop their language confidence. While participating in the project, meetings will exchange the ideas on how develop language skills and to improve one’s own social skills.
Project partners would be acquainted with other countries’ culture and
historical background, art and daily life. This will give them a different point
of view to life because they will have a chance to compare and contrast
their culture and historical background, art and daily life. Project participants would be able to present their own region’s cultural heritage illustrating by celebration activities, photos, culture, national clothes and daily life. Also they will see which concepts in the partners’ own festivals and celebrations are very important for each partner and participant. Beside the activities mentioned above, the project will focus on the cultural heritage and national festivals which reflects art, culture and social life. By means of
the project, each partner will try and look for a way to explain their culture and national values to all partners like photos ,videos, pictures, booklet, email, web, brochure, magazine, seminars, drawings, fashion show, calendar, dancing contest etc.
These will prove that the responsibility of introducing own festivals by
different and live activities will bring an efficient awareness for each participants.

Working groups:

Germany: Mr Herrmannsdorfer Thomas.                                                                             Italy: Mrs Baiocco Monica-Mrs Cipolletti Paola-Mrs Furfaro Maria Carmela, Mrs Stagni Maria Rita

Poland: Mrs Makowiecka Magdalena- Soja Joanna- Nowak Magdalena- Nadzikiewicz Beata – Augustyniak Urszula – Rybarczyk Dorota.                                                                Turkey: Mr Inan Isil

Meetings Turkey (Ankara) October 17th-23rd – Germany (Herrsching) April 17th-21st – Poland (Pruzkow) October 4th-8th – Italy (Perugia) May.

Mobilities:  Germany: 12   – Italy: 24Poland: 24Turkey: 24

Final products: First MagazineDictionary –Second_Magazine – Songs (book);   – Tourist Guide1Tourist Guide 2; Third_Magazine; Recipes;

Calendar 2015 n1;  Calendar 2015 n2; Calendar 2015 n3; Calendar 2015 n4

Geographic features –  Poland and Italy  –   Germany  Turkey

Tourist AttractionsTurkey


  1. Was is heit fur a Tag?
  2. Drunt in der greana Au
  3. Leutl muBt’ s lusitg sein
  4. Schlittnreitn
  5. Kukuleczka
  6. Tramblanka
  7. Uciekla mi Przepioreczka
  8. Plynie Wisla plynie
  9. In notte placida
  10. Astro del Ciel
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